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No, you do not. You’ll have 21 days from when you receive the order, to pay by mailing us a check. In this way you can raise your funds by selling the snacks we send, then use that money to pay us, and keep the rest as your profit.

No you don’t. The fact that you are a faculty member at a public high school will let you establish an instant term account, where we will send you the snacks and you’ll have 21 days to pay. You’ll only need to provide the information we ask on the order form.

Worst case scenario, it might be 10-14 days. But that is if you order a Custom Pak and you are on the East Coast, since we ship out of Torrance, CA. On the other hand, if you’re ordering one of our standard paks to the West Coast, the order might arrive in just a couple of days. Always feel free to call 1-888-762-2512 if you are concerned that you need the order quicker and it may not get there on time. We’ll always try to expedite things to help you.

No, shipping is included in the order.

You can place your order online – no prepayment required!

We make it fast and easy to start your next fundraiser. Place an order now and see why we are America’s #1 snack fundraiser!