See pricing for the U PAK HERE.

When you order the Cal Pak with Healthy Fundraising Solutions, you’ll be ordering by the Mastercase. Each Mastercase contains 4 Paks, and each Pak contains 66 snacks. So for each Mastercase you order, you’ll receive 264 snacks.  Then when you sell all the snacks in a mastercase, you’ll have $264.00.  From there, subtract the price you’re paying for each mastercase to see your profit per mastercase.

Feel free to call 1-888-762-2512 to order or with any questions.

$1 Sellers – Cal Pak (By the Mastercase) Pricing:

Mastercases Bought Cost Per Mastercase Profit Per Mastercase
17+ $164.00 $100.00
8-16 $171.00 $93.00

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