Smart Snacks Honor Box

The Prime $1 Honor Box is parent seller off campus fundraiser. It’s made up of top vending items to appeal to adults in the workplace. It is not compliant with Smart Snacks in School but are great for selling to adults at work. There are 66 snacks in each Prime $1 Honor Box and 4 Honor Boxes in each Mastercase. The way it works for you as the Principal/Coach/Booster Club Leader working with the parents/volunteers is this:

1. You email Parents to participate, tally total number of mastercases wanted (Mastercase = 4 boxes).
2. Place order with us by School Purchase Order.
3. Boxes arrive at school within a week.
4. You email Parents to bring check to school, pick up boxes ($66.00/box)
5. You deposit their checks, then pay us by check within 21 days.
6. Parents take box to work breakroom, open, stand collection envelope up, and tell/email their co-workers.
7. Co-workers place a buck/take a snack and parents are re-imbursed.

If you’re not sure of prompt box pickup/payment, you can also collect checks from parents first before you place order. Additionally, we’ll provide a PDF weblink to brochure as well as sample copy to include in your initial email to parents/volunteers. Also, we’ll provide sample copy for the email parents send to co-workers when they place box in breakroom.

Per Box: Parents pay School $66.00. School pays us $36.00. Schools Profits $30.00. (on 25+ mastercase order). With volunteers/parents of even 300 students each selling only 2 Smart Snacks Honor Boxes your school can make $18,000.00 quickly and easily. This can be done over and over with NO ultimate cost to parents.
Please call 1-888-762-2512 for more information or to request a free sample Prime $1 Honor Box to be shipped to your school today!

Call 1-888-762-2512 with questions or to order today!

Product Weight Quantity Manufacturer
Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.5 oz 5 Grandma’s
Simply Chex Xtreme Habanero .92 oz 6 General Mills
Baked Cheetos Crunchy .875 oz 8 Frito Lay
Vanilla Sandwich Cremes 2.12 oz 6 Grandma’s
Honey Roasted Peanuts 1.0oz 6 Planters
Oats & Honey Granola Bar 1.5 oz 7 Nature Valley
Cheez-It WG 1.0 oz 7 Sunshine
Peanut Butter Cookies 2.5 oz 5 Grandma’s
Chocolate Brownie Cookies 2.5 oz 5 Grandma’s
Goldfish 1.5 oz 6 Pepperidge Farms
Strawberry Pop Tart 1ct. 1.76 oz 5 Kellogg

66 Items per Pak, 4 Paks per Mastercase
Items subject to change according to supply

You can place your order online – no prepayment required!

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