This is the original Pak that started it all.  Still, the best selling healthy snack fundraiser in America. The Cal Pak is compliant with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, Smart Snacks in School, as well as California AB-626. It can be sold on campus during school hours. There are 66 snacks in each Cal Pak and 4 Cal Paks in each Mastercase.

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Product/Manufacturer Weight Case Ct. Price/Case
Oven Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 0.875 oz 14 Frito Lay
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Fantastix 1.0 oz 10 Frito Lay
Ruffles Baked SC/Cheddar .875 oz 8 Frito Lay
Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit 1.55 oz 8 Welch’s
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar 1.42 oz 6 General Mills
Strawberry Pop Tarts 1ct 1.76 oz 10 Kellogg’s
Whole Grain Cheez-Its 1.0 oz 10 Sunshine
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66 Items per Pak, 4 Paks per Mastercase
Items subject to change according to supply