The Smart Snacks Honor Box is compliant with the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act/Smart Snacks in School. There are 66 snacks in each Smart Snacks Honor Box  and 4 Smart Snacks Honor Boxes in each Mastercase. It works differently than our other nutrition compliant paks. The way it works for you as the Principal/Coach/Club Leader working with the parents/volunteers is this:

1. You email Parents to participate, tally total number of mastercases wanted (Mastercase = 4 boxes).
2. Place order with us by School Purchase Order.
3. Boxes arrive at school within a week.
4. You email Parents to bring check to school, pick up boxes ($66.00/box)
5. You deposit their checks, then pay us by check within 21 days.
6. Parents take box to work breakroom, open, stand collection envelope up, and tell/email their co-workers.
7. Co-workers place a buck/take a snack and parents are re-imbursed.

If you’re not sure of prompt box pickup/payment, you can also collect checks from parents first before you place order. Additionally, we’ll provide a PDF weblink to brochure as well as sample copy to include in your initial email to parents/volunteers. Also, we’ll provide sample copy for the email parents send to co-workers when they place box in breakroom.

Per Box: Parents pay School $66.00. School pays us $36.00. Schools Profits $30.00. (on 25+ mastercase order). With volunteers/parents of even 300 students each selling only 2 Smart Snacks Honor Boxes your school can make $18,000.00 quickly and easily. This can be done over and over with NO ultimate cost to parents.
Please call 1-888-762-2512 for more information or to request a free sample Smart Snacks Honor Box today shipped to your school today!

Call 1-888-762-2512 with questions or to order today!

Product Weight Quantity Manufacturer
Crunchy Cheese Baked Cheetos 0.875 oz 9 Frito Lay
Ranch Doritos RF 1.0 oz 8 Frito Lay
Oats ‘n Honey Granola Bar 1.5 oz 8 General Mills
Chocolate Chocolate Cookies 1.75 oz 8 Gourmet Treats
Chocolate Chip Cookies 1.75 oz 8 Gourmet Treats
Whole Grain Cheez-Its 1.0 oz 10 Sunshine
Rice Krispies Treats WG 1.41 oz 10 Kellogg
Strawberry Pop Tart 1c WG 1.76 oz 5 Kellogg

66 Items per Smart Snacks Honor Box, 4 Smart Snacks Honor Boxes per Mastercase. So when you order a mastercase, you are ordering 264 snacks.

Items subject to change according to supply

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