Pick your Own Snacks: U Choose, U PAK, U Profit!

If your school is in California and you want to choose your own snacks, make more profit, and do a little more work, the The U PAK is for you! All snacks below are Smart Snacks compliant. Please note all of the snacks we carry for the U PAK and other school paks are the manufacturer’s Smart Snacks in School line; they are not available in stores. They can be sold on campus, during school hours.

How It Works

1 You decide which snacks you want and how many cases of each. Then call 1-888-762-2512 to order or order online.

2 We ship you the Draw Cord Bags and Collection Envelopes for each seller (2 bags/envelopes per case ordered are included free; additional ones are .80 per bag/envelope). We ship you the Snacks.

3 You receive the snacks, open the manufacturer’s cases, and have each of your sellers put the number of snacks you specify into the Bags (key is everyone sells same number of snacks at a time). Sell the snacks on campus for the recommended $1.00.

4 Collect the money from your student sellers, deposit into account, mail us check within 21 days.

5 Rinse. Repeat. Enjoy robust profit! Donate portion to help clubs who did other fundraisers… or just email them a BROCHURE 🙂

The minimum order for free delivery is 25 cases.

Popular Snacks and Pricing

The snacks below are available for the U PAK, with the most popular 4 at the top.  All items are .54/.57 per snack (depending on total cases ordered being 50 or more) except the Rice Krispies WG and Welch’s Fruit Snacks, which are .60/.62  per snack. These snacks are not available in stores as they are the school line version of these snacks so that they are compliant to sell on campus. For instance there is a 1.3 ounce Rice Krispies Treat in stores, but that is not compliant for sale on campus. We sell the 1.41 oz Rice Krispies Treat with Whole Grain which is compliant.


How Many Cases to Order?

Overall, One case per seller is a pretty safe way to go. If you’ve worked with the group many times, you might then order more. However, if it’s a new group and you’re not sure, being conservative and ordering less is always best.

Call 1-888-762-2512 with questions or to order today!

All items below are .54/.57 snacks except Rice Krispies and Fruit Snacks, which are .60/.62 snacks.

How to Place an Order?

Order HERE or call 1-888-762-2512 to order.

Product/Manufacturer Weight Case Ct. Price Per Snack-Less than 50 cases/More than 50 cases
Oven Baked Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (Frito Lay) 0.875 oz 104 .54 / .57
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Fantastix (Frito Lay) 1.0 oz 104 .54 / .57
Cheetos Puffs Flamin’ Hot Puffs (Frito Lay) .7oz 72 .54 / .57
Rice Krispies Treats WG (Kellogg’s) 1.41 oz 80 .60/.62
Strawberry Pop Tarts WG 1ct  (Kellogg’s) 1.76 oz 120 .54 / .57
Oven Baked Cheetos Crunchy (Frito Lay) .875 oz 104 .54 / .57
Cinnamon Pop Tarts WG 1ct (Kellogg’s) 1.76 oz 120 .54 / .57
Doritos Nacho RF (Frito Lay) 1 oz 72 .54 / .57
Doritos Cool Ranch RF (Frito Lay) 1 oz 72 .54 / .57
Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili RF (Frito Lay) 1 oz 72 .54 / .57
Doritos Flamas RF (Frito Lay) 1 oz 72 .54 / .57
Baked Lays BBQ (Frito Lay) .875 oz 60 .54 / .57
Ruffles Baked Cheddar/SC (Frito Lay) .875 oz 60 .54 / .57
Chex Mix Simply Straw Yogurt (General Mills) 1.2 oz 60 .54 / .57
Simply Chex Chocolate Caramel (General Mills) 1.03 oz 60 .54 / .57
Chex Mix Simply Cheddar (General Mills) 0.92 oz 60 .54 / .57
Chex Mix Hot n Spicy (General Mills) 0.92oz 60 .54 / .57
NV Oats N Honey Granola Bar (General Mills) 1.5 oz 188 .54 / .57
NV Peanut Butter Granola Bar (General Mills) 1.5 oz 188 .54 / .57
Cocoa Puffs Cereal Bars (General Mills) 1.42 oz 96 .54 / .57
Trix Cereal Bars (General Mills) 1.42 oz 96 .54 / .57
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bar (General Mills) 1.42 oz 96 .54 / .57
Cheez-It Whole Grain (Sunshine) 1 oz 60 .54 / .57
Hot Fries (Boulder Canyon) 1 oz 72 .54 / .57
Fruit Snacks Berries & Cherries (Welch’s) 1.55 oz 144 .60/.62
Fruit Snacks Mixed Fruit (Welch’s) 1.55 oz 144 .60/.62
Baked Sour Cream/Onion (Frito Lay) .875 oz 60 .54 / .57


Do we have to Pre-Pay?

Nope, you’re on net21; you’ll have 21 days to mail a check.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, 25 cases.

How early should I place my order?

As early as possible. 2 weeks or more is a good idea,so we can source all the product and have it ready for you.

Is it possible some snacks I order will be unavailable?

Yes, it is. In which case we’ll contact you to let you know and see if you’d like to order more of something else.

What is my profit?

Usually you’ll be making either .46/snack or .43/snack depending on how many cases overall you order on most snacks.

How many cases should I order?

Roughly 1 case per seller. Or better, go here to see the Cal Pak mastercase equivalents page.

How do I order?

Go HERE or call 1-888-SNACK-12 (1-888-762-2512).

I still have questions, what should I do?

CONTACT US or call 1-888-762-2512.

You can place your order online – no prepayment required!

We make it fast and easy to start your next fundraiser. Place an order now and see why we are America’s #1 snack fundraiser!